All Motor Beast Qustion?

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hey everybody i live around the bay area and i NEED a DX head for that "all motor beast" setup unfortunately the only DX heads i have found in my areaa people have tried to rip me off soo if anybody lives in or anywhere close to the bay area and had a DX head then please leave a reply with your e-mail or phone # if you dont wanna leave that personal info then here is my # (707)-795-6149 i NEED this so please if you can help me out as much as possible peace.. :huh:


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i have one il give you for 40 bucks and 70 with an si intake manifold, but im in southern Ca so i dont know if ur close and 707 dosn't sound like the west coast


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do the words "all motor beast" and "DX head" really belong together????? :blink: :unsure: