All Motor Lsvtec Guys What Have You Spent On Your

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hybrid hatch

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Basically what i want to see is who got the best parts in there motor for the best price what do you have and what have you spent on parts. Just motor wise including any machine work, what have you spent. ill give you an exampler
My setup
B18b short block complete cost 0 got it from a friend
Skunk 2 stage 2 cams 500 bought them w/ 200 miles on them
Endyn rollerwave pistons 12.5:1 brand new w/ rings 328
skunk2 valve springs and retainers 380
Arp rod bolts 42
ARP head studs 50 bought from a friend
bearings from honda 200
skunk 2 intake manifold 0 swaped my buddies clutch in for him in exchange
ported head 0 i did it myself
all machine work including boring block honing, assembling head, competion 3 angle vavle job, cleaning and balancing up to 10k rpms, relocating dowel pins 550
Jun cam gears 0 traded for a stock bumper cover for integra i had
AEM cold air intake 20 bucks used from a friend
Cometic head gasket from endyn 100
Misc gaskests and belts for motor 70
JDM itr 4-1 header 0 got it from this guy that traded me for carpet for his civic the carpet cost me 0 got it from a friend

that 2240 is where im at any body have anything similar
That is way under what mine cost. Where did you find Endyn pistons for that price???
:werd: that is waay cheaper then what i'm spending on mine as well. where did you get those pistons for a cheap price?
i bought them from this guy that posted them as 12:1 je pistons he wanted 300 for them brand new so i offered 250 well i went to pick them up i knew they were forged but didnt say je on them . So i did some reaserch and later found they are endyn rollerwaves 12.5:1 the guy kind of didnt know what he had i guess. 81.5 mm bore as well.

anyone else i guess im going in the right direction.
How fast are you trynig to do? Almost everyone here is hung up on stock idle.. now that is fine, but for a fast car, there comes a time, all motor, you need to get aggressive cams. Skunk2 stage 2's are fine for the street, but you might want to step up later on to a cam that will give you better power, but oyu will sacrifice idle. I have video of stage 3 crower's idle, but i'll only post it if the owner says its cool to link ppl to. ( ;))..

Other then that, you seem to have a nice setup. Are you trained or have the right skill to PNP shit? Im not "dissin" y0 talent, but if done wrong, can cause HP.
please explain "PNP" its kinda early im sure ill figure it out later.

Im looking to break 200 whp if i dont ill sell the short block and buy another ls block send it out to get sleeved and go like 13.1 compression and bore to 86 mm. basically will be just a race car for my self for fun. Id love to see a high 12 on drag radials, i guess we will have to see.
PNP = Port n Polish

Good luck, but you wont need 13.1's to break 12's on slicks. Jason (2 liter EG) is almost there. He is looking for 12 seconds all motor street car. I hope to be right behind him with my b-series invention (coming this winter).

If you goto the thread in anything goes about his pics, i posted videos.. that is why isaid the skunk2 stuff was mild, listen to his car and get an idea of what all motor takes. :) Good luck
yeah my motor sounds mean! lol

j/p anyways yeah you will have to sacrifice idle for more power [usually]... personally, on my first LS/VTEC set up i spent a lil over 7000 to build the whole thing

the second set up, i started to get better prices on everything and it came down to a lil over 5000

the current set up im running, i've spent about 3780 bucks with all the machining included and buying parts... its good to have hook ups :D
Originally posted by 2 litre EG@Mar 5 2003, 04:33 PM
its good to have hook ups :D


I don't think I'll tell you how much I have in the new build, but the old setup was $6000 installed for everything listed in my web page, except injectors/VAFC/clutch, I/H/E.
kew thanks guys for the info well i went to the machine shop last night and everything so far looks great they are going to finish up balancing the bottom end and ill hopefully get that put together this weekend. ill keep you guys up to date on when it gets assebmbled