Alternator Problem

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Hi All, I have a 1997 Civic EX OBD2, SOHC VTECH, since this was new, the lights get bright and dim and looks like im flashing my headlights when they are on at night, all electrical feels this as I can hear it in the heater fan speed and power of the car and I have tested the input voltage from the alt. seeing the voltage drop, I have changed the alt 3 times, the ALD <automatic load detector> once, and the ECU, no difference at all, also the alt light never has come on when the key is on when the motor is not running, I got a pinout diagram for the alt plug from NAPA and it shows a dif pinout, I changed to that and it didnt charge at all and the alt light stayed on, the belt is new and properly tight, there is no oil on the motor for poor connections, the grounds are tight and clean, I cant figure this out!! any help would be helpful :) P.S. all connectors have been cleaned and of course a new baterry didnt change it either, the car is very well maintained, its an auto trans if that makes a diff