Aluminum Racing floor jack for 59.99

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I was on a local forum, and say a FYI thread about a cheap Al floor jack. Anyways, I said what the hell. I have a really nice craftsman normal style 3 or 3.5 ton jack. Its really nice, one pump to max height when not under load (meaning you can put on the lift point with just one pump) Its great for taller veichles or the rear of my car, but to get under the front of my car, its pretty hard, and I normally have to drive my car on a 2x4.

So I went and bought it, normal price was 119, so it was 50% off.The brand is called "shop force". Comes with a one year warentee. I was able to carry it to the front of the store without a cart no problem (my old one, said 99.x lbs on the orginal box (but that includes the 2 jack stands it came with) So that said, its really light. When I took it out of the package, it looked real nice. Operation is alright. Not as nice as my craftsman, take sevaral pumps to raise it to the highest point. I have yet to lift a car with it (I bought it like 20 minutes ago), however, I will be swapping 2 engines tommrow, so I will be using it a shit load. I would really like the craftsman one, but last time I saw (this was when it first came out though) it was 200. 60 is a big diffrence.

Anyways, if you have a Meijers by you, check it out.


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Originally posted by Calesta@Jun 8 2005, 11:22 PM

I'd like to check this out.
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I looked on there website, and they don't list it. The store has probally over a million+ diffrent products, so they only list like .001% of them on their website.

All meijers have a full supermarket, a shit load of lower label cloths (I bought my Dickies mechanics suit there), full nurcery, pharmacy, then a huge walmart style random stuff like furniture, technology stuff and a just about everything else you can think of.


never heard of it either...

let us know if its online somwhere/when you find it


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lol my grama moved in with my mom about 2 years ago...we still have meijer mustard in our fridge.

Friggin wierdo ohio people and their wierd stores.


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Originally posted by reikoshea@Jun 8 2005, 11:38 PM
lol my grama moved in with my mom about 2 years ago...we still have meijer mustard in our fridge.

Friggin wierdo ohio people and their wierd stores.
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sure thats not meyers and you're just not reading it right? :p :ph34r:

or maybe its the ebonics rip-off brand...


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kinda link about it

There is the link to the in store cercular.

I am kinda disapointed on the vertical lift. Raiseing the front to max via the raditor support lift point is not enough to put jack stands under. So I had to lower it down slowly and then slip my craftsman under. Since my springs didn't emediatly settle, it worked fine.


word of warning on these aluminum jacks...

most of the cheaper ones DO NOT have a bypass for when you are fully extended...

normal heavy duty jacks will raise up and then if you keep pumping they bypass the hydrolic fluid so as not to blow the seals...

these cheap aluminum jacks do not have this, you reach max capacity, and are a big dumb gorilla moron and try to pump it more, and then all the sudden the jack is pissing hydro fluid and doesn't work anymore...

i think i saw a cheap AL jack in walmart too... or you can get them cheap there too...

We're sorry, there are no Meijer Stores located within 100 miles of 12401 Meijer currently operates in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky

looks like it has most of the same shit as a walmart has...
the 6.5 inch speaker box for 13 bucks sounds suprisingly decent in a POS truck cab... :)


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i seen a jack that looks just like that at pepboys, but cost a little more i think.


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I'm in Chicago and I've barely heard of those stores. I think there's one about a half hour from me or so.


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I had an HF Floorjack... Lasted me all of 3 weeks... and waited 3 months to get it! Used it about 3 times, then one of the casters broke off of it, shooting ball bearings all over my driveway... its been sitting since...

Thats what you get for $100...

But I have friends that bought the $130 that is a little bigger, and have been using it for years now... jacking up S10's, 240's, hondas, everything.


Thank you for your business.
Originally posted by asmallsol+Jun 8 2005, 10:21 PM-->
Originally posted by civicious@Jun 8 2005, 11:17 PM
What's a Meijers?
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you texans and non great lakes states people wouldn't know.
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There's a craftsman floor jack at Meijer for 39.99 last I saw. The stands were only 20 bucks each and held two tons also. I was so tempted.

@Jun 8 2005, 10:23 PM
Meijers...its like Wal-Mart but a whole lot nicer.
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haha no it's not. Meijer didn't even have vid camera tapes man... walmart has damn near EVERYTHING.