American idol Finals

whos gonna win?

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I've like bo from the couple episodes i saw... takes away from the whole "you gotta be britney spears" bullshit to make it today.

I think if he wins it will have a slight effect on all the cheese pop that teenage girls keep buying.

what ever happened to the chicks that wore tie-die, flashed their boobs, and all wanted to fuck brett michaels??

things have changed.... lol


I'm not a fan of american idol at all, in fact I think the show is a waste of network television broadcasting bandwidth. But I do agree that it might change things abit.
Originally posted by CRX-YEM@May 19 2005, 01:28 PM
I'm not a fan of american idol at all, in fact I think the show is a waste of network television broadcasting bandwidth.
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You're being way too nice. :lol: I can't believe that piece of crap has been on as long as it has.
i like when people who can't sing get up there for auditions...
and then they get ripped apart...

otherwise its a complete waste
American Idol sucks my balls.

I dont give a flying fuck who wins. They both suck and will go on to produce completely uninspired crap to be a drain on the ernings of the American people. No good music could possibly come out of a fucking competition reality TV show.
word, i watched the episodes where people made idiots of themselves then thats it....well besides the few i saw when at my friends house (she obsessed). but the underwood girl can sing for real. who cares if she happens to be hot and "is just like" britney.... isnt it suppse to be about the music?!!?!?!
Bo Bice is a fucking TOOL!!! He has a shitty, predictable voice, Looks like the lead singer of Blind Melon, and picks the most played out, easy songs to sing. If rock is coming back in, which it is, I really don't want this hippie tree-hugger leading the new wave.
Seriously....hearing that guy sing and perform is BORING! I'd rather drag my nostrils across a cactus than watch him.....and man is he ugly....people must shove his face in dough to make monster cookies.
Carrie Underwood has a strong female voice. She is the all-american country girl. She is an American Idol. And I'm not basing my judgement on her looks, cuz personally , I dont find her attractive.

I hate Bo Bice and everything his stupid-ass represents.