another cali landslide.

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b you forgot reason #34890578349078907658907658907689057 why cali sucks

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yeah man, well living in cali doesn't suck... The place where that happened, if you've ever been there; the hills are made of nothing but sand and a small bit of dirt... My professor has one of his homes up in Laguna and believe me, its BEAUTIFUL up there, nothing but million dollar homes and above; well, some million dollar homes also went down so that sucks bc insurance doesn't cover that. Anyway, the view is incredible, from up there; except now... anyway, developers buy and build even if they know the land is not stable. We in L.A. have many places, close to the beach that are not stable... Palos Verdes is moving I dunno how many inches per year... However, if you go to big bear, dude, its nice up there... plus those mountains have rocks to make them stronger mountains than those in coastal towns.


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Yeah laguna beach is nice. I have one grandmother out that way. She cannot go to her house but it is not in direct danger. I have only seen her twice but she is my only grandmom so it sucks and she says she is ok :)


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My grandmother is not rich. That is the thing with all of this. She lives feet away from the landslide. I am just hoping her house doesnt go. I just called her and she said they are making them leave the scene and find somewhere to go. The geologists say this could go on for weeks. She has had her house for 20 or so years and basically she is just a normal women with an expensive house, do to the california real estate boom. She paid a little over 60,000 back then and until yesterday it was worth a little over a million.