another Greddy kit question


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i've been searching around about turbo kits and stuff and i was wondering if i buy a greddy turbo kit for a D series motor how much hp will i put down with all stock spec running 8psi and is it possible to upgrade to a bigger turbo using the same manifold?


it is possible to upgrade but i think the turbo they give you will be good to 15 or so psi... how much boost do you think you can run on a little d. 1.5 liter?

and look at their website, they usualyl have dynos of what their kits supposedly pull...


if you got the y8 or z6 engine,

around 165-ish to the wheels. give or take....

dont know the answer to the second question. there are guys running 16lbs of boost on the 15g turbo. i wouldnt advise upgrading the turbo unless your engine is built.


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so with the greddy kit you will prolly be as fast as a b16 powered hatch give or take depends on what kind of car you drive right? Because my goal was to make a 200whp daily driven car not asking too much.. i just don't want the speed when i need it. I had a b16 in my hatch but i crashed it and the b16 felt pretty good and now i want to try running turbo.. can someone give me a buildup that will run 200whp thanks a lot for the help


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here's some advice I had a greddy kit and I hated it. build a custom kit you will save money and you can always upgrade.


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That is manifold, wastegate, and downpipe, and turbo only. Keep in mind that is still about $600 down for what one would pay for an EQ-SS Mani, Tial Wastegate, 3" Downpipe and t3/t4 hybrid. I severly doubt they are as awesome as they proclaim.


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so its not a good deal? :( What do i need to have as a setup in order to run around 230whp dialy driven? can someone give me a nice custom setup.. because i'm researching to get custom turbo kit but i don't know what to get to reach my goals and when i do get a turbo what do you mean by maintaining it? is it like checking your oil everyday? what else do you have to do? A nice writeup would be nice i have searched for writeups about maintaining a turbo but haven't found any any help would be greatly appreciated thanx in advance :)