Another motor for Wil? NOOOO!!!!

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Brett started this morning at 10AM while me and Anthony were at work (Brett & Anthony are a couplea friends of mine with the 11-second B20/VTEC EF hatch that I've talked about on here before). When we got off at 3, the stock motor was out and this was sitting in the bay (except for linkage, back bracket, wiring, a/c, radiator, etc...pretty much just the side mounts were bolted in, but it was in there dammit!). Finished it at about 10:00. There's a huge dent in the downpipe and the P72 ECU doesn't work (but hopefully I'll be getting a new one first part of next week...for now I'm running Anthony's (real) Skunk2 P28 for now....that and the GSR cat is about 3" short of my tomorrow we're gonna make a test pipe from the flanges on the GSR cat...right now the GSR cat is on there being held on by a coat's loud as fuck but it hauls ass.

It was one of the easiest swaps I've done, wiring-wise. The 95 GSR harness plugged right in, and I only had to run 1 wire for the knock sensor (92's are pre-wired for VTEC on the in-car harness...yippee!), so all I had to do was plug in the shock tower plugs, clip the KS wire at the tower plug, and run a wire to D3. I took out the secondary butterflies and removed all the EVAP bullshit, other than that I tried to leave it as stock-looking as possible. 100hp in 12 hours...can't beat that shit for what I paid for everything B)

Let's see how long this one lasts :D

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Yup...that's the intake from the 85mm GSR PERFECTLY with the GSR intake manifold


CRV A/C bracket with the stock D-series compressor...Always gotta have A/C, especially in Texas

DMGS-Racing (Did it My Goddamn Self) solid mounts...$12 for 3M Windo-Weld > $50 for Prothane inserts

It's dirty as fuck right now, didn't feel like Simple Green-ing everything with it in the car. I'll hit up the carwash tomorrow evening and make that bitch SPARKLE! w00t!
I wish I had a new engine, and a bunch of friends that would just come over and put it in ;_; I'd even order them a pizza. or something.
170hp >

That's the main reason. That, and a turbo B18C1 will make way more power than a turbo D 9 times out of 10.

That's right, I said turbo.
sweet dude, i love those buddy club wheels, so hot

and dont turbo, what happened to all motor nazi? i mean c'mon now, we need some all motor pple on here


hmmmm...your in lufkin...ill pay you a grand to swap in my engine. Ive got a H22a sitting doing nothing next to my H23 prelude. Guys at the shop are already doing an engine swap on a civic (Said it was a B18C) and wont be able to get to my lude until tuesday. So whatcha say?