another overheating issue......

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my problem is similar to gsrcrxsi's but just a little different....i just recently did an h22 swap in my 92 accord and ever since i put the motor in after about 20 minuets of idling, my temp gauge will slowly rise from the normal temperature almost to the point of overheating but just before it reached the red, the fans kick on and cool it down to normal temp. ive tried changing everything ( new thermostat, all new sensors, flushed radiator) and it still does the same shit. the only wierd thing that i had noticed was when i had taken a volt meter to the 3 temp sensors, the sensor plug that sends the temp back to the ECU only reafd 9.0 volts both when the car was on and when it was not. every other gauge read 12.2 so i dont kno if the low voltage has anything to do with it. the only other thing that i can think of is that the guy i had put it in might have screwed up the wiring somewhere along the way but besides that i have no clue. i mean the fan are working and their comming on just WAY, WAY too late.....any suggestions.