Any good reputable shops in savannah ??


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any1 know of any good or reputable tuner shops or personnel in the savannah, ga area??? any info or advice would be most appreciated...:cool:


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shops close by ???

does any1 have any experience w/ tuner shops in jacksonville, fl ??? good or bad pls post as i have found only these 3 shops close to my area:

-speed fab
-stage 6 motorsports
-velocity trends



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basic installs, w/o jacking

There is only one shop here in Savannah. What are you trying to have done?
just basic installs w/o a shop jacking it up or taking short cuts is all. my neck and back is injured now and i am not able to do all the physical wrenching like i used to. i have all tha legitimate parts just need some1 to do the installs. which/what shop are u talking about in savannah ??



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Carter racing is the only performance shop that I know of. Well they are the only place to get a car tuned at. There might be a few other places that can do installs.