Any help in this forum???

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I NEED HELP. the other forums were no help...i just did a swap from a d16a6 to a DOHC ZC motor. i want to keep the power steering but the bracket wont fit onto the zc from my d series.can any one help me with what to do or what to buy that will work thanks
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don't qoute me on this,but your pump should be compatable with the ZC bracket.if ya can't find a bracket try a bracket from D16a1 from a late 80's integra??the motor looks very similar to the ZC different motor mounts,compression/cams than ZC
Maybe a bracket off of a D16A1? Those are pretty similar to the DOHC ZC.

Otherwise, I guess trying to source a PS pump from a DOHC ZC that has it.