Any helpful ideas?


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Im just lookin for your thoughts N ideas on a good build up for my 92 cx hatch.
B16 trans
B16 pistons
crower 404 cams
crower springs n retainers
Str cam gears
Jdm 4-1 header
Eagle Rods
Good PnP
Skunk 2 intake mani
Im not sure what clutch and flywheel combo
How Good is a phantom grip lsd
carsound cat from inline four or no cat at all
I already have 2.25 pipe from manifold back to a quiet noname muff
And i know some of yall will jump n here n say SEARCH.
Ive been lookin for past few months im gettin ready n just lookin for soem helpfull ideas stuff to look into that i havnt seen read or know about.


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Come on people help me out this is my first motor to build and i wanna do it right so pls help me not make a mistake.


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any 7.5lb flywheel will be fine,,,,,just a matter if you want aluminum or chrome-moly...

I ran the fidanza for a while with ZERO problems, clutch I always liked Exedy and Clutchnet.

I would 86 the idea of the phantom lsd, it really is geared toward straight line via locking the diff. I would really go with a true lsd.

what about engine management?


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The people im gettin most of my motor n trans from has a dyno so ima try to spend some dyno time n have them dyno tune my car. So i was thinkin of havin them redo my ecu as they dyno tune it. thats the only managment i was lookin at. Ima only be doin straight line like mostly drag strip n some few spirts on the street. My money limit is around 2500 includin gettin the motor n trans. Towards the flywheel which will be best for all motor alum or cm, within my budget that is.
Im gettin my motor through trackmasters


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how about hondata for tuning, a Walbro 195 LpH fuel pump, some 310 or 370cc injectors, bigger bore throttle body, you may even consider getting the head milled a little (depends on you though), Venom, STR or AEM fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator.


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Are you using the stock b18b head? If so, why not think about getting a b16 head and adding vtec.


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Originally posted by EH2..@Mar 21 2004, 05:36 PM
Are you using the stock b18b head? If so, why not think about getting a b16 head and adding vtec.

fuck VTEC

thats the whole purpose of this build

everything looks good... but like milan said i would go with a real LSD


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Thanx for everything so far. Later on ill prob be gettin a str 70mm tb, str fuel rail. Ive thought about hondata but for right now i dunno if i can go that way. Its like im tryin to do so much with too less. Trackmasters can do hondata tho when i do go with them. Where is a good place to look at walbro fuel pumps. I was considerin the 255. And vtec,, well im wantin to be makein hp while ur still not n vtec and still be makein even more hp when u hit vtec n still be pullin on you is how i see it.


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Im seriously wonderin if the crower 405A cams would be too much for my app considerin this is my daily driver n all. Even with me runnin 11+ comp.


just a thought...
I was originally going to run Crowers in my setup, until people round my part of town started having them shatter in half! I've personally seen 3 sets that were destroyed. Also take into consideration that all 3 of these motors were built buy a reputable shop in town(not just some a hole with wrench). Not to say that any manufacturers cams couldn't do the same or worse, I just thought that I would pass my experiences to others. especially in the case of a considerable purchase like cams. just my $.02