Any shops near me?

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Before I ask my question I would like to greet everyone on this forum, and for everyone that took the time to read my post, your time and concern is much appreciated. I live in Chino Hills, CA 91709 and I am plan in getting a 2nd gen b18c motor swapped into my Ek hatch within the next month. I have done a fair amount of research and I understand that the swap, besides buying a few extra mounts, is relatively simple if I buy the complete swap from a company such as hmotors. With that said, I would now like to ask for advice on where I should go get my swap done? Quality is important to me but not as much as the price and the my overall experience with the people I entrust the job to. In other words I want the best bang for my buck while making a few friends along the way, for I don't personally know anyone who has experience with fixing up cars. Hopefully if all goes well I can make one or maybe even a few long-term friendships.
Well, thanks for reading my life story that I could have just condensed to a few lines. And again any response is much appreciated.
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go to the local car scene and find someone who has done their own swap, and see if they work at a shop
look at the quality of their work
if they didnt do the swap ask them who did it for them

a few local garages around here have tried to do honda swaps and they usually end up calling us in to figure out their fuck ups


I would becareful where you bring it, your swap or car will probably disappear one night.


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^^agreed.. also, watch out who you become friends with .. but with the right tools its something you and a buddy could do over a weekend


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This forum is awesome thanks for taking you time to help me out. Still, any other responses would be appreciated. And I really would like to do the swap myself but I honestly think ill just make a huge mess of things. Perhaps if I had a friendly neighbor with the tools I would be more confident with doing a swap. Also, I've been called an idiot by my dad enough.
And thanks for your concern, I will be careful.


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Your only real issue is wiring up the VTEC, the Knock Sensor, and IAB's to the ECU. If its a OBD2 B18C....all the parts on the longblock are good to go. Check out for Pin Outs of those parts (I think thats the name of the site.....other wise google ffsquad honda)

Mounts are super easy to work out.

Rent a engine hoist and make sure you got a 32mm (or standard equivalent) for the axle nuts.

The rest of the tools needed are basic (but some gorilla strength may be needed to bust some bolts lol)

You need B-series coolant lines (my stock line was too small to fit onto the enigne)

ECU plugs right in. All the plugs on engine harness plug in (except the addition of the ones I stated in the beginning of my post).


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I live in Ventura. I can do it for you for a small fee.