Any specify place that sells ITBs

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Any good places that sell ITBs for 94-01 GSR for a good price? please dont mention Ebay because I only found one result and it costs closed to $1600 (TWM 2K SERIES INDIVIDUAL THROTTLE BODY). Did a few search on google and only found articles on people using ITBs. There is a shop in my hometown that when I purchased the Skunk2 IM, they sell ITBs for like $700-800. I dont know if thats including fuel rail, injectors, fuel pressure regulator. and I am sure if its a TWM 2K SERIES INDIVIDUAL THROTTLE BODY. I talked to the sales representative about the TWM 2K series individual throttle body to see if I could get the unit without injectors, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator to reduce to price and they wont part, they will sale the unit as a whole, which I already have all the other parts and wont need them. any good place that you know, please let me know. thanks


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i'm going to try to talk you out of them.

yes, they make AWESOME midrange power- but my god, what a pain in the ass these things are to tune.

straight up, if this is a daily-- or even a weekend car -- i'd forget the idea.
race car, ok.

one of my bud's spent over 30 hours on the dyno getting his to IDLE and run under 3k.

wide open was not so bad... but part throttle was a bucking bronco. 0.1% change, and the entire a/f curve does a 180. move back, and then its not even how it was before. it was so unpredictable.

and then there was the pain of finding a place to get vacuum from. that was fun.

After all said and done, he lost 12 hp up top, but picked up about 30 from 6-9k (this was a 10.5 rpm motor) on buddy club 4+'s

just some info. take it or leave it. but i wouldn't even consider them on anything but a trailer queen IMO.
its good to hear from the other side of the story. I did research and only found good thing about ITBs. for instance, for the new Acura RSX type S, with the ITBs, HP jumps up about 20HP. there are a lot of other cars that uses ITBs that I read on magazines that have good results. I couldnt remember which magazine it is, but there is a feature of a civic all amotor, of course all internal done except the cranke and dynoed at 275 HP at the wheel. I wont might gaining about 20 more ponnies for using an ITBs considered my motor is internally skunk2 with 12: something compression ratio pistons except the stock crank. If I could find a reasonable price, I would like to see what ITBs can do for my motor. thanks for the info.


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honesltly, reading your sig, i think there's much more you can do first.

go with a nice big fat IM like the STR aluminum oine or the blox thing. a nice 70mm tb (i'll buy your 65mm if it has the sensor built in :p ),l stage 3 cams, or even the pro-series, which have a larger non-vtec lobe as well for more down low power.

or, you can realize that drag racing is gay, cage your ride, and get into ITS racing :)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 17 2005, 01:29 PM
or, you can realize that drag racing is gay, cage your ride, and get into ITS racing :)
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i have lost all respect for you B..j/p... whats ITS racing

BTW i was going to do the ITB but its way too much...but if you want to do it find a set of CBR itbs and make your own
also reading your sig, i think a set of slicks maybe traction bars and practice launching will make you just as happy as buying those itbs...... becaue 14.2 with those mods in that car is a lil weak to be honest

not trying to bash here, just my opinion


Originally posted by formby@Jun 17 2005, 02:38 PM
whats ITS racing
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ITS is an SCCA solo-1 grouping for road course racing

you know road course, shit with high speed straights, various left AND right turns, other cars to try to get around, racing that actually takes skill and tallent
bracket drag racing takes lots of skill and tallent. especially for a manual car.


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no, it takes practice to do the exact same thing every time.

drag racing is gay.

for those 15 seconds or less, yo're free.

i'll enjoy my 20 min + on the track.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 18 2005, 01:31 PM
no, it takes practice to do the exact same thing every time.

drag racing is gay.

for those 15 seconds or less, yo're free.

i'll enjoy my 20 min + on the track.
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Im gonna have to say W3rd to some ones moma again, on that one.
how many times have you actually been on a road course B? lol. the same thing could be said about road course, thats its just practice. but like drag racing its not just practice. with experience comes skill. you have to practice to aquire the skill.

i agree, drag racing isnt my first choice or my cup of tea either, but it DOES take skill. its not about doing the same thing every time. you have adjust your dial in time according to the weather, shift at the exact same rpms everytime, ect. you have to know when to brake on people if you think youre gonna run out, tons of stuff. even with the most practice you can ever have, its impossible to get 500 lights (or any specific light for that matter) every time. it will always vary. and some races do come down to inches where your r/t can determine if you won the race or not, trust me, ive won a few races by inches (like a difference of .001). bracket drag racing isnt heads up, the slower car gets a head start based on difference in dial in time, which is why being consistent and knowing how to be consistent is so important. a 17 sec car can beat a 12 sec car if hes a better driver. ive been beaten by 16 and 17 sec cars, and ive beaten 12 second cars.

to say drag racing takes no skill is just ignorant. maybe if its mad tite street racing for slips, but at a real drag strip its completely different.
^ :thumbsup: beat me too it

essentially you get better at everything with practice, and ive never personally been roadracing, but it does look fun.... so is dragracing, that takes skill too.

Ive also raced on an oval dirt track, it was pretty fun, took skill, but really all it really is, is practice. I mean you have to learn the track and compensate for weather, conditions of the dirt etc... just like in drag racing.. you have to compesate for weather, temp, track temp, track conditions getting your motor dialed in. Then there is passing people in a small oval is tough, you can really only do it in some spots depending on the track, while in dragracing its gettting your shift points down, launching correctly,etc..

Im just saying there is no need to bash it all takes skill in its own way
Not to mention the factor of building something with your own time, money, and ingenuity, and pitting it door to door against someone else's creation. There is nothing better than watching some chump with a big mouth disappear in your rearview.... :)