any upgrades?


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I'm learning alot about the lsvtec since all i usually deal with is h series. ok here's my question. What potential does this baby have? will start with the bottom end.
b18b bottom sleeved by golden eagle to 83mm bore and deck plate honed to 83mm custom 9.2 arias pistons. eagle rods and balanced crank. itr oil pump and water pump.

as for the head im using a 99 b16 head, swirl cut and polished valves, ported intake and exhaust runners, gsr cams, gsr valve springs and skunk 2 retainers.

act street/strip disk w/ hdpp, and light flywheel, ls tranny, exhaust and high flow cat. ohh year i'm using a itr ecu for now.

this baby is prepping for turbo but more likely it will not see boost till next year.

so what do you guys think the power potential is, and what is a safe rev limit with my set up? did you guys have to upgrade a fpr? i dont plan on doing that till i get turbo, but it was questionable with the itr ecu. thanks guys.