Anybody Know About F-max

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I know its really pricey but DAMN, thats a sweet kit and the fact that they have one specifically for that conversion is great. Maybe i'm a fool with too much cash but that sounds so werd. Anybody trying to persuade (or however you spell that word) me not to buy this and care to tell me a beter route? thanks


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well, let's see my friend ordered one for his Y8 in August, didn't get it until November--And I haven't driven his Civic, so I can't tell you how good/bad it is.
you could build a much better kit for half the cost. has a t3/t4 cheap. order a drag manifold, extrernal wastegate and then have a muffler shop do your charge and downpipes, then buy a zdyne ecu. theres on eon ebay going for cheap right now. bov of your choice and ur at around 2000 for everything new with much much better fuel management than a inline and a fmu.. if you decide to go junkyard style you can build a whole kit for around 650. this is what i did.


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the SFP kits are the only ones I really really recommend. Good deals and killer quality stuff. Other than that like pissedoffsol said, do a build it yourself kit.


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Fmax is a great kit other then the small downpipe flange where it goes to the cat...
get it with out any of the fuel managment and get 4rc injectors hondata and map senser

Im VERY glad I went with Fmax I looked at all my options with custom kits and I've found most people with them that have dynoed their cars have pushed a good bit less HP with more boost

for say Jody in his B16 turbo he put out 240WHP and 190? torque maxing out 550CC injectors at 15PSI
as where I have 440CC injectors and put out 253WHP with 11PSI only main diffrent part was I had a 3" Downpipe

Buuuuttttt when I had the small stock Fmax downpipe with racing cat and 2.5" exhaust I put out 245WHP but I believe that was at 13-14PSI can't remember...

anywho my point is a lot of custom kits I've seen are nice but sometimes don't put out as much power as the predone kits its like building an exhaust or coldair intake think of how many hours of dyno time DC/AEM/... put into their exhaust/header/intakes for that extra HP

now on the other end if your a big shop with all the right tools custom kits are by far the best but you really need to know what your doing

Jason the owner of hates the manifold on this prelude it was one of his earlier manifolds hes built as with the rest of the system

Fmax I picked becuase I found it to be the best kit for the money 4400 installed with dyno tuning is what I paid but don't forget you need a new clutch!