Anybody seen Gunmetal rattle can paint?

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I looked all over this place they call a town for some rattle can paint. I was hoping to spray my wheels but that color can't be found around here. They have plenty of camo and bright orange lol. Anybody seen this paint anywhere?
^ uhm.....that looks to be paint for plastic bits; i'm looking for gunmetal wheel paint too - anyone have success with this stuff on wheels...meaning durable over time?
yeah they make gun metal, but as with any paint, chips are gonna happen the only way to avoid it is powder coat
right..chips i'm ok with as they're just expected with rocks and such - i just imagine scrubbing the wheels down and this paint-for-plastics rubbing off. i could just be paranoid though. :D
Duplicolor has some gunmetal paint, and yea get some good metal primer then you can use whatever paint. Just put a lot of clear on and it should really help to protect against chips.
dude rustoleum makes a hammered charcoal black metallic paint that passes as gunmetal. i used it on my oem mazda enkeis and it looked pretty sweet.
I got some gunmetal paint on the rotas I got today:D

I saw special wheel paint on truck tv, pretty sure it was dupli-color, they have gunmetal, bronze, and gold + clear coat.
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OK cool, I will venture beyond hick town here and go to the big city. Thanks for all the info. +rep for all~!
damn i'm thinking about doing up my old enkeis with that blue one...
Sweet, found some today a few miles down the road. Now to find a wheel painting faq and I will give it a shot.
i like to spray the clear while the other paint is still sticky... IMO, it bonds better.. watch out for runs though