Anyone have a side job?

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Anyone here have a side job that they do to earn extra cash? If so, what is it?

I deliver groceries in my spare time for Walmart. Its really fun and I work my own schedule and the money ain't bad. I definitely meet some interesting
I supervise an ACT testing site 6 times per year. It's a contract position and we are paid per testing event rather than hourly. I'm in charge of recruiting proctors, booking classroom space, receiving the testing materials, sorting them, and then passing them out to my proctors on test day. During the testing, I really don't have to do anything aside from a little bit of data entry and covering for my proctors when they need a bathroom break. When the tests end, I collect the answer sheets and test materials from the proctors, look them over, package it all up and then send it all back to ACT for scoring. And then a little bit more data entry to make sure we all get paid.

It's a pretty easy gig, and the money's decent. The proctors get a set amount for administering a test (I think it's about $120), but I get paid more depending on how many students are testing on a given day. I've made up to $500 for a single administration. If I figure 8 hours between the prep, the testing, and the wrap-up, that's $60+ per hour. Not bad, especially when half of that time is spent fucking around on the internet.
I have a couple of different irons in the fire. I often get commissioned for various graphic/woods/laser projects which eventually I will spin into a paying hobby once I can scrape up enough to get my own laser. I also work of a buddy of mine that owns a third party service company that works with movers. We basically service the high end art, appliances, tech and gaming tables and make sure they get from point a to point b un damaged. We see come pretty cool shit. Coolest thing I have crated is a grandfather clock signed by once owned by Paul Revere and an orignal oil painting portrait that is on the dollar bill.
Repair commercial espresso machines and coffee brewers. It pays for my coffee habit. lol. Also just general mr. fixit type of stuff for friends and family, just about anything other than cars, I wont touch their cars unless they are trying to get them ready to sell, not getting married to that bullshit.
Used to do caprentry on the side but once I went to grad school/kid wife said no more. Now I'm behind on my own home projects. Wish I was in the game right now, my bro is making $1K a day easy every weekend.
you are here.
Are you actually in the positive still on the site?

And used to build PC stuff and do some car work on the side for small cash, but lately just trying to keep my head above water. I'm shutting down time wasters in my life to hopefully start building some car product that I've had in my head for a while. Small niche markets, but things I think will sell- and hopefully in enough quantity up front to make money before things get copied. Have technical backing from quite a few friends with a lot of design and fabrication talent.
yeah, after my cost-reduction efforts last year, it's making a couple bucks a month now. could probably make more 1 night delivering pizzas, but yea lol