anyone here use T-Mobile?

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i need a phone unlocked and i dont know anyone w/ tmobile service ... pm me if you can help

my fiance had all her shit jacked out of her car including her phone, got a replacement phone from a friend.. it just needs to be unlocked
If you get some unlocking info, would you mind forwarding it to me? I use T-Mobile also, and I need to get one of my phones unlocked so I can sell it to a friend lol.
all you need to do is call customer service.. would you mind doing me a favor and unlocking mine since you have tmobile.. hahah .. i've talked to customer service already and they said i just need somebody w/ an active account call for me.. pm me if you can help
anyone?? she feels like her life ended when she lost her phone. hhaha..
i use t-mobile, not sure what you are asking though,
its a t-mobile phone that needs to be unlocked for other carriers?
or vice verse?
yea.. i have an HTC Shadow for tmobile, but i need to unlock it to use w/ ATT

IMEI # is 35652210499435
to unlock the HTC Shadow.. you'll need the IMEI # i posted

i'm pretty sure they email you the code, unless its changed..
if he cant then let me know, i can do it but i gotta get the last four of my gf's social, im not the primary so i cant do it unless i have that number.
Let me google that for you

its very simple.

or are you trying to unlock a cingular phone to use it for t mobile?

dude, i've searched for a couple days now.. they have a website specifically for the HTC Shadow.. didnt find anything useful on there or i'm looking in the wrong spot ... IMO, the easiest way to do it is call customer service and request the phone to be unlocked.. they email you a code and you punch it in when prompted, voila!
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