Anyone want to guess what I'm making?

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It was too epic to pass up. I'm trying out a mini-me version.


Basil, Margoram, Oregano, Garlic, Caraway seed, Adam's Steak Seasoning, and 1 pound of beef.

And yes, you can't see it, but its on wax paper..

Tossed some tooth pics in the ends just incase.

It went together like they were made for eachother. Amazingly easy. Whole process: 10 minutes.

Its sitting in the smoker getting some slow smokin' love.

More porn coming...


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This is going to make me throw up. It's different when it's right in front of your face. It stilll looks cool though.
Actually, that kinda reminds me of a cajun dish.
Heart attack is my guess.

I wanted to make this so bad tonight, but someone *cough* Steve *cough* proceeded to say, "I'm healthy and want to stay that way. And with your high blood pressure and high cholesterol, it's probably not a great idea. I don't think we need to do this."

I felt robbed. :ph34r:
Well shit on a ritz, he made a fucking garment out of bacon. What did you expect would happen ?

They prolly made a bikini for her to wear.
He's completely right. I really don't need it. But it's like anything else in the world--the things that you really can't/shouldn't have are the things that you want the most.