Anyone watch "Pimp My Ride" last night?


That shit was funny as hell.

They took this chicks 4dr eg and turned it into the biggest piece of shit ever. This is pretty sad coming from "west coast customs" .....

the funny thing was, was when the main shop guy was showing the chick her new car he said shit like:

"We took off your stock bumpers and put these Aerodnyamic Japanese bumpers from APC"

"This wing on the back is fully functional: with a push of the button you can raise and lower it (the wing had some sort of mechanical feature to it where the driver could push a button on the inside and the wing would raise and lower) and the wing actually is functional by providing downforce when you are taking turns at a high rate of speed"

i got a chuckle out of that...even tho the guy was being serious when he said all that shit.

anyways, why didnt they hook that civic up right? i can understand the audio/visual shit and maybe even the bling bling rims..

they shoulda done a cleaner job on that civic


Originally posted by NotUrAverage_Si@Mar 26 2004, 02:15 PM
you should write them a letter and tell them to let you decide how to hook up the cars from now on.

you completely missed the fucking point


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the sad thing is after doing all that they still didnt paint the license plate holder, the mirrors, the door bumpers, or the handles. getto.


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Oh jesus christ make it stop

Purple ? Stripes ? Chromies on a stock suspension height ? $500 wings on 4 door hondas ?

Check your 7 signs of the apocalypse.

-> Steve

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i thought the massaging passenger seat was pretty damn badass though.. you gotta admit that was cool...


Originally posted by Celerity@Mar 26 2004, 02:51 PM

Check your 7 signs of the apocalypse.

-> Steve

The horsemen are on their way....

complete with "Powered by Mexican" stickers on their back windows....


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the fenders and the body kit don't even line up on that purple piece of garbage

that wing also won't create enough downforce at the massive speeds that car must be capable of :p


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Originally posted by H22AdelSol@Mar 27 2004, 08:56 PM
if that were my car, id sell it, and buy something nice

good luck selling that piece of shit.

Are you kidding? The sad trith is, you could probably get more for that POS, that a clean stock looking EG with a Boosted ITR in it.