Are These Coil Overs Any Good?

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just wondering if its worth to get? or should i get H&R coilovers? or instead just by koni yellows with skunk2/ground control sleeves? thanx
ya thats what i heard too, i was wondering what about the H&R, i no there a good company for european cars, i just wanted to no if anyone knew anything about their japanese applications... as well i wanted to know how both tein and HR compare to the gorundcontrol/skunk2 koni setup i heard alot about.
youd probably pay a fortune for the teins but they are amazing but theres really not a huge different between the skunk 2 setup and the tein i have ridden in a car with both the smart thing to do i say is go with the skunk2's youll save a fortune!
i have the tein ss's, i love them, i might be upgrading the spring rates though. i've never ridden on skunk2 setup so i can't say, but i hear people dont really like them. they may ride similar but it comes down to the hard cornering and handling, my ss's did pretty well on the road course.
the tein SS are 900US krusha, a little bit more than the skunk2 do u up grade the spring rates, b16?
Originally posted by 22crazy@Mar 16 2003, 12:11 PM
how do u up grade the spring rates, b16?

just get different springs from tein with what ever spring rate you want.
or, cheat, and get them for a usmd integra gsr or ls. they usually have a higher spring rate.
i'm personalyl running ITR spring rates on my HA's, and they are perfect.

tein owns skunk2's. i don't know how you can say that you couldn't tell the difference. if thats the case, there is more wrong with that cars' suspension set up than the springs