Area 51

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i bought it the other day for PS2, and i have not been able to stop playing it. Once i heard it's "the halo for PS2" from somewhere i had to get it bc i LOVE Halo. but i have no xbox :bawling: shall get one soon though, $129 for used w/ 1 controller. not too bad of a deal.


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never played, but for anyone who ever played god of war on ps2 and loved it, but own an xbox, check out ninja gaiden... ooohh... sweet decapitation
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Originally posted by Battle Pope@Jun 23 2005, 03:49 PM
FPS = play on teh compy.

Area 51 = extremely generic.
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Play Area51 in the Arcade!

I totally 0wnz0r3d that game back in college. I could run all the way through in Alien mode twice on one quarter.


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Project Snowblind is another good new, but very underrated, FPS for Xbox. Check it out. Definately worth picking up new for $30.

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I bought Snowblind for the PC. Kinda Deus-Ex'ish, but more arcadey cause you can't upgrade your implants voluntarily and such. Still, very good.

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God of War for teh ps2 is one of the best, of not the best game i have played for the system.. (talking non racing games)