Arny's turbo 1G

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Its been a long build in the making, about 2 years and has gone through a few different setups but now its where I want it.

I bought "THE REX" about 5 years ago as a replacement of my 1st 1g build. It was a primitive brown top dohc d16a1 swap turbocharged using a crude rising rate fuel pressure regulator and a boost timing master, swinging stock internals, it was a fun fast car I could tune on the fly with my little timing knob. lol... I sold the first build to a street racer.
A year later my girlfriend saw "REX" sitting in a Smiths parking lot and called me "ya know that crappy old car you built before, well there's one here just like it but looks alot nicer for sale" I promply called the seller to find out he had a very nice 115k one owner silver 87 crxSI for sale for 1,500. The hood was a little boogered and the exhaust rusted through, and the daughter didn't want to drive it. well... 1.5 weeks later and 1.1k lighter I had a very nice 1G. I didn't take me long to get a plan for it together.------ Black top 88 teg swapped, boosted, obd-1, hondata s300, cleaned up to the nuts. Very little went into body work. the lionshare went into the swap and solidifying the bottom end. 400hp was the target. I had to find some 15" Desmond Regamasters in Almighty Silver to make it complete.( believe it or not they were the hardest to find of all the upgrades.) Running the d16a1 you can bolt it straight in to a 1G without a mount kit using stock mounts and you also get to run the CG trans with the natural handcuff, super stronger, and way awesome-r gearing than any other d-deries. Here are some photos of the build.

TURBO SETUP: Go-autoworks mani, 3"DP, Garrett 50 trim BB turbo .63 ar turbine,tial MVS, 2.5 charge piping, BOV relocated to the side of the back-door AFI intercooler.
INTERNALS: KMS forged slugs, eagles,HKS MLS head gasket, ARP studs,PnP by me!,hondata s300 with EBC, 3"mandrel exhaust, Action stage 7 clutch custom made for the CG trans, Fidanza lightweight flywheel,ZC pm7 cams with adjustable cam gears,ID 1,000's injectors, Mishimoto Radiator. Dyno tuned to 309HP pump and 334hp Race gas @16psi modestly tuned by Cortney Green.
SUSPENSION:: tokiko illuminas, rear integra suspension swap, rear disk conversion, 86 lude carby master cylinder, teg proportioning valve, teg frt brakes, drilled slotted rotors, stainless lines, chedda j's panhard rod,
EXTERIOR: Mr Disability's(heeltoe) Mugen 1 piece CF hood and matching spoiler, shaved rear wiper, and spoiler holes. the interior is perfectly stock and will be left that way..


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I like this guy already! Sick build! Double :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
glad to have you aboard .. build looks amazing.. i thought the Desmonds were Regas at first.. same thing regardless.. both cost more than the car.. lol
wow nice to see such a nice community of honda guys! having been on various blog sites some aweful ...cough...cough..HT... its refreshing to post where newbs are treated nice. thanks. anyhow, Rex, is quite the fun little monster, I went with the less-is-more mentality when I was building the engine compartment. and am always looking for more in ways of improvement. since those pics the car sits about 1/2 inch lower with some different frt torsion bars. I have a build thread on D-series and am found alot on RPR, its a great website for all ew 1g,3g cars. That dyno run was shortly before the clutch gave out, and I swapped it out for the Action clutch. which is infinitely better now. I hope to go back to the dyno soon and get a 20lb+ pull and a 375+ Hp result I hope.
Here's some more info on the build
since its OBD-1 I had to swap out some key components, first the distributor is a td43u out of a 92-95 dohc zc a must for conversion, also the better 92-95 zc intake manifold was sourced out which makes it possible to run any b-series throttle bodies I went with the skunk2 68mm.


there was some extensive porting measures to make the 68mm fit the stock IM, nothing a little JB Weld can't fix...

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another pic of the goodies rounded up, I think the obx fuel rail is missing in the photo

a quick shot of the 3"mandrel exhaust I fabricated since nothing off the shelf exists, I'm not the best welder lol...
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heres my sig on my other websites, Dutchess my english bulldog loves REX too and spends all hours of the day guarding her lol....
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If you have any questions on the build I'd be happy to answer. there are tons of details and challenges I had to overcome in order to run half of the stuff I do. the wiring in a obd-1 system into a pre-obd-o setup was quite challenging and not for the faint of heart. I tried to use stock honda parts as much as possible, and if it wasn't necessary it got trimmed. a lot of the go-fast goodies were sourced from the jdm 92-95 dohc zc motor and luckily bolt up to my usdm 2nd gen dohc dseries without much trouble. you just have to learn what combination of parts works. but what makes the build I feel better than other dseries builds is that the head and cams flow the most of all d-series and the trans is much stronger than all d-series, and I'd dare to say stronger than b-series as well.