Arrested For Going 730 Km/h!

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480 MPH in a corrola? Damn that's alot of neuspeed stickers!!! I knew a guy in the UK who had a Jap spec Levin, but that type of speed is just unatainable for the most part.

Well I'm off to S Dakota FOR three weeks, it's SI road trip time!!
It sounds to me like yes he was speeding...but yes the police had to have faulty equipment at the same time
Resort caretaker New Ching Shit told the Star newspaper

hmm.... sounds a lil funny huh?

and i think it's pretty much impossible for a carolla at 480 mph, unless its one of those new jet powered ones... :worthy:
ha, thats great, those rocket powered toyotas are fast. They go twice the speed as the Mclearn F1 :lol:
If he was doing 480 then what the cop 600 to catch up and give him the summons. I think I just lost all faith in radar and the police.
New Ching Shit, eh? That's a nice one..she must have had a horrible time in for the article...looks bogus..
yo, that shit HAS to be fake, right? k, so how do you do that? thats the second fake cnn report i've seen...tell me how to do this, cuzz i want to play some pranks on my friends.
Its not a fake article. Its real, the story is real. The radar gun was either defective or thrown off by something, such as the older radar's were thrown off with aluminum foil behind the hub cabs.