asap need answer now

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I'm in the hassle of taking off the water pump right now. My problem is that i had a new water pump that was supose to be a gsr water pump. When i took off my gsr water pump it was different. One had 22 teeths and the other had 19 teeths. Which water pump as the 22 teeth? I think its gsr. Which water pump as the 19 teeths? I think its the ls. I know when you use the ls water pump you have to use the ls belt. Will it hurt the car to put a ls water pump on a gsr?
I believe that the GSR water pump has 22 teeth, the LS pump has 19 teeth. The GSR pump reaches full output after the LS so it has to be gears to spin a little slower than the LS.
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lol- yeah that was kind of a gay post- but ls/vtec answerd the ? so i just put in my 2 cents.
having a wrong tooth with have your timing so fucked after 3 revoloutions! haha