ATTN: Omnipower coilover owners.

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i never saw that coming....

Originally posted by tony1
You know what, you buy a cheap shock, what do you expect to get? A shock that doesn't perform great, a shock that the seals may go out on and leak oil, a shock that doesn't have the amount of dampning adjustment required. You don't expect a cheap shock to break in half...

Or I guess that should say didn't, but should now!

well said.

who would've thought?


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people are recommending that if you have onmi's, to remove them asap.

put yoru stock stuff back on until something is made of it. its for your own good.

not flaming, just a suggestion that you might look into.
I thought I was alone suggesting that Omni's might be cheap for a reason...

I'll keep my KYB's and Eibachs, thank you very much. <_<
Originally posted by DTEC@Jul 29 2005, 09:30 PM
That sucks. I just finished installing my omni's on my DC2. Think they will replace them with the newer models?
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It depends if you bought them from a offical seller. There are ALOT of places that sell grey market stuff for alot cheaper. This is great for some stuff, but when something like this comes along, you can be stuck in a river with no paddle. The suggested retail price on the omnis are around 750, however if you check honda-tech classifeds in the offical sellers, you see them go for around 500 all the time. Chances are those people are grey market sellers, which means they are not offical omnipower sellers. Back when Rota's first became popular as well as around the time Tein SS's were released, people would regect or complain to offical sellers of these products saying that 960 is outragous for a set of tein SS's and there is a guy that can get me them for 850. There is really nothing that the offical seller can do to keep the sale except tell him, in times that something does happen, the offical seller can deal with it.