Audi + BIG dirt lot = FUN


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I've never had so much fun playing around with a car.

Theres this big dirt track lot thing in PA. We used to take our quads and dirtbikes back there. So it's got mounds and is kinds like a track, Cars can go around the mounds and the ditches. The usually have it locked up so the cars can't get back there but it was open. There was no question I was going to go back there.

The Audi defenitly has some balls on a dirt track. By the time I was finished playing around, the car was completely covered in dirt and dust. I wish I had brought my digicam since it takes movies.

I like the car just a little more now and have to go play around more often.

:shrug: bored at work


Heh, reminds me of the time I took a kids Volvo 740 Turbo from school, and beat the hell out of it in an empty (wet) parking lot of a warehouse that was under construction. Scared the shit out of him - Volvo dorifto! :ph34r:

The car was acutally kinda fast, until the turbo barfed a bearing, and spat oil and coolant into the intake and exhaust.... I had a chance to buy it, but I figured it would be too much of a money pit.


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I didn't beat on it too bad. Just like 50-60 mph around the lot, sliding all over. I could have probably gone faster and played around harder but didn't want to kick too many rocks up on my shit.


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Audi's on dirt tracks are awesome. Audi driver's don't know what they've been missing.

If I was ready to paint it, I would have thrown that car around like no other. I have to bring it back there if I decide to paint it..


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...sometime my friends rent cars and take them to the trails...its alot of fun....but becareful the suspension on that thing is probably not made for that kind of fun..... we've broken atleast 6 cars.....


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speaking of that. I was thinking of upgrading it..

But I really don't want to do anything to it because I want a 1.8T, I'm going to end up trading it in to get one too.

If I find a nice AWD 1.8T a4 for a good price (where I don't have to pay an extra 3-4 grand) I'd probably take it.


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Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Jul 7 2005, 01:01 PM
i did the same with my buddies jdm swapped wrx
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Your buddy should stomp a mud hole in your ass...


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I can't wait till my friend's Scoobie Doo is done! I'm gonna make him run that beast on a dirt track too. He's got an Impreza that's going to be swapped 2.5 rs