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Im selling my audiobahn system cuz i need money for a engine swap. I have the Alum 12Q 12" sub in a custom made sealed enclosure. I got the A3200E amp. Its 300X2@4OHM or 840X1@4OHM. I also got all the wires, fuses, and battery terminal if you want that. I have it wired to 3OHM and its getting about 960 watts. This is a really good system. Loud and deep. You can hear my car from a few blocks away.
$175 for the sub.
$300 for the amp.
If you want the 80 amp anl fuse, 4 guage power wire, 8 guage speker wire, or battery terminal email me with an offer. Ill sell those cheap.
If anyone is interested email me at or just post here.