auto to manual conversion

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This needs to be moved. You r car isnt even a EF OR DA. You have an EG 92-95 Civic. So post in the correct forum

Things you'll need:
Clutch pedals assembly
clutch reservoir
master cylinder
clutch hard lines from donor car
shift linkages
shifter bushing
shift knob and boot
5 speed ecu
manny tranny mount...


i believe a 93 is hydro, if not then sue me...

but if it is hydro then you need clutch pedal assembly, hydro lines, manual trans, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate...
and possibly axles, not sure on the auto intermediate shaft
hydro lines includes the slave cylinder, and the clutch assembly includes the master cylinder by the fire wall

you will need to unplug your auto computer, but you have to splice the wires that keep you from starting the car unless its in neutral or park, and you should be set...

EDIT: shifter setup and manual tranny mount :worthy: ^^^^^


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yes recekd you are correct, but ill be sueing you anyhow. 92+ HONDA = hydro, 94+ ACURA = hydro. I forgot toe mention flywheel, clutch kit


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