auto to manual


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I have a friend that has a auto tranny accord lx ( 96 ).

And he wanted to change his auto to a stick.

If I ordered a 92-96 prelude JDM front clip.
( I planning to do a h22 swap in my 95 accord )

Can he use the prelude parts to change his accord to a stick.?
( if he also buys a stick tranny.)



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A front clip would have just about everything I believe. The pedals might be different, but I'm not sure.

<<<<<Automatic H22A guy

I'm sure someone else will post.


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Everything is basically the same. Other than the hydro lines being from the right side where as with american cars the come from the left to the right


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I would like to know as well. I have a '90 accord 4dr ex auto and want to change to 5 spd. Anyone know of any shops in ny/nj that do this kinda work and roughly how much i would be looking to spend? Any other recommendations on what to do to my car would be nice. I want to fix it up and take it to the track.