Automatic Accord h22 Swap

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New Member
I have a 1994 accord lx and want to swap the engine for an automatic cf2 h22a engine. If i do this swap, will the automatic transmission work without me having to do any mods to the car? I don't really want to make the car into a stick shift because i don't want to go through the hassle of getting, changing and adding parts to make it a stick but if i do, from what car should i get the parts from; should i get them from an accord or a prelude?
What kind of "mods" are you talking about? If you just want to leave the Accord's slush-box, then you shouldn't need to do anything. Just make sure you get an automatic ECU. I'd recommend using the Prelude's transmission though. The H22 isn't going to be as impressive with the Accord's gearbox on it...
What I should have written instead of "mods" is work like adding motor mounts, changes in the wiring, axles or work of that nature. If I get an engine with an automatic transmission from a 92 to 96 prelude with the transmission's ecu and prelude ecu, will things connect, plug and bolt into place with my 94 Accord? Also are there any links that anyone may know of, with information on how to get the V-Tec to work on the car.