Automatic ECU Pinouts


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I have an JDM OBD 1 GSR automatic ECU. It has four plugs going into it like an OBDII auto civic ecu. Does anyone know what the pinout for the c connector.
I don't need A, B, or D just C. It is a 12 pin connector.

Thanks in advance


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That would be great if you could help me. I really need to know what the pins for the c plug are. I think I need someone from europe or austrailia with a service manual since they don't sell auto gsr's in the states.

well, the plot thickens.

According my 94 integra manual (and thus, going by the Ls tranny, which should be NO different than a gsr auto obd1 ecu with the exception of vtec/iab/knock) C isn't even used at all. it makes no sense.

damn, those pics suck. my camera blows. maybe if you blow them up in photoshop or imageviewer or something. but what you see is that every gear selector change involves the A and D plugs.