available swaps for my 91 civic hatch back

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for the love of hondas
I recently got a 91 civic hb and it has the 1.5 ltr motor i wanna up grade but not sure what motor is gonna work best i love hp and reaction time .. I 've usually prefered to drive my 78 camaro i did 454 swap in that then sold it to an old man .:oops: so now i bought this car and i wanna up grade it. i was also wondering how new of motors i can put without havin major modifying done
well its a 1.5 DPFI,so basically anyting you swap will have to be converted to MPFI,
whats your budget?
do you want to go turbo,nitrous,all motor?
is this a daily driver?
ya i wanna turbo it eventually . also i will build it before i put it in but i am new to the 4 cylinder set up i was reading other blogs n threads and i got really confused ..lol big difference from a us motor i just thought this would be a good place to start . i really don't hava huge budget but i know alot of different people in the salvage bis so i can find almost anything i want at a decent price just need to know what to look for thanks
also to your question yes it will be a daily driver still but i've always had an interest in the Honda Civic HB I thought I would give it a shot . I heard a lot about a gsr motor and they say it can be very fast but like i said I'm very new to the 4 cylinder setup any info is great:headsmash:
Throw a number out for a budget. You will get better responses if you let us know how much you want/can spend.

My vote is an LS (B18) if you plan to boost later. The LS provides a good platform for tons of modifications, from Vtec heads to forced induction to nitrous. Lots of potential for a modest price.
the b18 motor is it not a vtec already ?? i was lookin at the u provided and how hard is it to modify the harness?? if i decide to drop in the d16 z6 would that be able to up grade with more hp?? thanks for all help on this aspect
The Z6 is a good motor with a large aftermarket selection. Many people, including people on this site, have made good numbers and strong builds out of the Z6.

Wiring the harness is something that, with patience and a wiring diagram, will be an easy fix. If you opt to avoid electrical fabrication, there are many sites and suppliers that sell harnesses to eliminate the need for DIY wiring.

As for the B18's, the LS motors (B18A's, B18B's) are non-vtec. The GSR motors (B18C's) are vtec, as well as the B16's.

We have a nice breakdown of all the motors in our reference section. It is easy to navigate and provides lots of useful information.
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talk to monotech he will make the harness for you,if you do not feel confident in doing it yourself,and the d16z6 is a very good motor,and will drop right into your car,just get a p28 ecu,jumper harness( www.rywire.com ) and have monotech make the engine harness and your golden
which motor will i be able to get the most bang for my buck, the z6or the b18 ?? i mean as i mentioned earlier in this thread i used to drive a chevy camaro with a 454 and 500hp 475 fpt so i would like to build my hb to strong and able to turbo or charge , maybe even pull like 12s or 13s in qm ?? also need to know if a 94 vtec motor not sure if its the z6 or not but will it be able to swap in my hb ?? i can get the whole car for $500. i was looking on e-bay and found a few different p28 s and does it matter wich one i buy for the z6 or will i have to get it programed??
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I have a b18a swap done with and LS trans, I run 15.8 @91 at 5200 altitude. to get into the 12s and 13s you will be going turbo. Hondas are a totally different game, all- motor can be done but is expensive. I also have built BBCs and love V8 power so I know what you're lookin for. I know several 12.9-13.40 hondas all are turbo, have an LSD and did it on slicks, not always the case but again were at 5200ft. I completed my swap for about 1k but did alot of searching for good deals and rebuilt the engine and did all the work myself ( use Rywire for your harness, it's totally plug and play) i plan to spend about another 2k +- with a good turbo setup and EMS, though this could be much less using a DSM turbo, DSM injectors and free tuner software i.e. crome,uberdata... what are your HP goals?