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I am just wondering would it be possible to convert a integra or civic to awd using parts from CR-V? I have seen some rwd civics(drag cars) but the awd would be better for street.
its not practicle at all ... there would be a shit load of custom fabrication required and in the end the parts still arend designed to hold high HP/Tq they are designed to haul groceries and drop the kids off at soccer practice ... mabe see a little snow from time to time...

if you want an AWD car go buy an AWD car theres plenty of them out there
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jan 11 2003, 03:11 AM
if you want an AWD car go buy an AWD car theres plenty of them out there

hahahaha, no shit.... i was a signature away from a wrx luckily i had a friend talk me out, the payments woulda been 3x as high as they areon my hatch, but my god what nice ride it was
Honda has just released it's new version of the Accord Type R after a short time out of the European line up. It's V6 AWD and 6 speed. Being that interchangability is a Honda trademark and the Accord and CR-V now share engines, I'm willing to bet soon you will be able to have this coupe converted to AWD. Not that it will be cheap either, but AWD and Honda reliability are around the corner.