awesome little vid WRC

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rally racers are my heros. F1 drivers are extermly impressive, but they have a decent since of whats going to be coming up around the corner. Rally racers are getting airborn with huge walls, trees, turns, ect that they have to dodge the second they land. Biggest balls out of any racers hands down.
that drift was nothing special? your kidding right? he came close to a 150-160 degree drift angle, and he initiated the drift before he could even see the turn, let alone see the apex or exit. oh and he nailed the fuck out of the turn.
So what, everyone in WRC drives like that, those jumps were small compared to the 5 foot drop on the africa rally, and watching them do that drift in ice and snow is way better. All in all that clip showed what you see in every WRC race. But you have to watch the snow rallies and africa rally to get the good stuff.

Like cars flipping over cliffs and hanging in the trees and stuff.


just look at the subaru teams website:

or just go to:
yea ive seen all that, and ive seen crazy drifts, but they are longer then anything else, nothing with such an extreme angle, and never comming in so fast that you have to drift before you actually see the turn, not te mention that wasnt on dirt. thats pavement
That was impressive. I watch the rallies too, and have seen lots of occasions where they start sliding before the turn, but never at that angle.


Is that an evo I see? :ph34r:

I like how he gives you a wink at the beginning. I wish I had the balls to rally like that :)