Axle Boots

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The axles for my swap are in disrepair. They seem to be in good shape as far as being tight but the boots are torn. I know they will not last like this. While at Auto Zone the other day I seen new boots. Are these a pain to put on? Do you need a special tool to put the bands back around the boots? Would I be better off to run them untill they knock then buy rebuilt ones. Also when removing them I may have seperated a knuckle joint is this possible? The boot seems streched out and will not slide back in place. I'm in my 30's and my hair is thin I can't afford to loose any more!!!! :huh:
No, you're right, they won't last like that. New boots are not usually that hard to put on. You'll have to take the CV joint off the end of the axel, which can be frustrating occasionally. In my experience though, they usually come off pretty easily. Then, put the new boot on, pack it and the joint with grease, and reattach the CV Joint. Once the boot is on properly, the clips (at least the ones I had) are not hard to use. They work quite well.