Axle Upgrade?


Hey guys i just got "real" drag slicks.
I have only run a 21" road race tire 13" rim in the past and have a best 60ft of 2.0, 14.1 @96mph 1/4, 160whp 92 si hatch.
I have a set of 24.5 x 9 MH slicks on a 13 rim this year, and was wondering if I will be ok with stock axles, car should only make 190-205hp and should now weigh approx 1900lbs.
I've always brought a set of extra axles to the strip but just wondering if an upgrade is necessary.
Thx for any advice.


power hungry
You dont need upgraded axles for your setup. As you have probably seen at the track, there are a lot of people that run stock axles on boosted cars with slicks. Sometimes they break, but they take a pretty good bit of abuse.


I'd say you're ok too. it will depend more on the clutch too. if it's an on/off style with no slip, you need to be careful.

Just make sure your driveline is pre-loaded tension at the line. ie, never allow the tension to relax before the light so there's no resistance and then a full stop to the grab as THAT is what breaks stuff. so don't take the car out of gear or let it roll without the tranny fully engaged. it should be smack ready to go at full wind. This is hard to explain online. heh


ie, if this is a gear space, this is bad

[________|] and this is good.
you want it right there locked in, no room to slap and break.


Gotcha and yeah a bit hard to put into text for sure. I always pre-load with the e-brake, and launch at 5000rpm.
Can't wait to try the big slicks but a little leary as well. I just installed a stock replacement clutch that has about 15 passes on it.
I would think maybe it would slip before the axle snaps. Well one way to find out right. Send it and see.