B.S.? What do you think


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If in fact he does have a 6 Spd, he fucking laid some major cach down for the mods to the transmission housing. But Im calling

I'm with SpodaB1,......I think Quaife makes 6-speed transmissions for a variety of applications, but you gatta have that major cashish to acquire one. :blink:


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its bullshit
flat out bullshit

NO ONE makes a 6 speed for a B series (or H series)

some (highly sponsored) vehicles have ran them

but there is extensivce modification required to make it work

you will need a custom bell housing or adapter plate (to get the tranny to fit)
you will need to mount the engine backwards in the engine bay (to get te engine spinning clockwise)

once you get all of that finished you can think about running a 6 speed tranny