B Series From Junk Yard

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i was at the local u-pull it junk yard, and i seen a wrecked 1st gen integra witha complete b series, i didn't really look in to it any further does anyone know if i can swap this into my 91 hatch? i have a dx witha si conversion
If it was a 90-91 LS then it will be easier than a 92-93 LS swap. You will need mounts. You MIGHT be able to live on the OEM Teg mounts, but i am not sure. IF not, get the HASport mount kit. After that, it should wire straight up and be okay.

If you get a 92-93 LS, then its obd 1, and you will have some wiring to do. I am not sure how much, but you will have some b/c your car is OBD 0
i think it is older than that i think it is like an 88 or sumthing?

i thought it was a b series anyway, it had dohc
It is probably a DOHC ZC. Those are d-series engines and can be made into good little engines. They are d-series and cost some money to make them fast, but are fun to play with.
oh, i didnt think i would find a zc in a New Jersey junk yard, how much would you expect to spend from a scrap yard, i twas complete, but it was missing the valve cover, and the valves had rust on them, but i figured i could strip it down and clean it what you think??
It sounds like a ZC if its out of a car that late and IS DOHC. how much? You can get complete swap that are running for around 600-700. So a junk yard? Around 4-500. I mean. Pink-n-pull has those sales where whatever you can carry you can get fgor an X amount of dollars, but if you dont think it will still be there, than jump on it now.

You can redo them yes. You can also buy aftermarket pistons and other tings. You just have to look around online and do a search, a lot of ppl have been asking ZC performance upgrades lately.
88 teg motor wont fit, wrong mounting points. you have to get a civic zc from japan
btw zc is only in japan over here its a d16a1, also the engine your speaking of will fit in to a first gen crx(some wiring) ;]

B series will fit in a 2nd gen rex.There are also zc's in europe.Along with factory B series rexes.You'll need mounts to close the usdm hood or a new hood.

Got a question for the original poster,did you look at the engine code or are you assuming it is a Bseries,and what year is the car?,older doesn't really help.
i said it was like and 88, but it could have been older, it was the ugly hatches with the flip up lights, it was a dohc, i assummed it was a b series, but then domeskilla said it could be a ZC im nto really sure what it was though,
In Japan the B16 went in in 89 and the states got the B17 GSR in 90.Not sure if the 90 had the flip up lights or not.If it isn't somehow a wrecked car from 89 and Japan it isn't a b16 if it isn't a gsr it isn't a B.DOHC D seires or ZC.
ok guys thanks i guess my question was a little shitty, im prolly going there this weekend so i'll look at the # then let everyon know thanks for your help
I have two of those sitting in the garage it is a d16a1 doch motor it will bolt into the 91 civic hb
the ecu needs some rewiring good stong motor pulls hard and cheap to work on you can buy them for nothing and the are lots of them where do you live ddo you want to buy one with 65K km on it let me know