B Series Question

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One Pnt 8 Hatch

Junior Member
ok i have a b18a1 and a b16a shortblock. what all off the b18a1 can i put onto tha tb16a?????
pistons, head, that is about it.If you do plan to do a LSvtec, replace the whole bottom end with better parts.
its not LS Vtec i have a b18A1 AND im tryin to put together my b16 short block. b16 already has all the internals i jus need to know if like all the externals will fit like distributor, intake manifold, exhuast manifold, throttle body, and all that good stuff. also the b16 i have cam with oil cooler but i dont have a oil cooler so what do i do to those tubes jus cap them off???
The distributor off the B18A/B will not work on the B16. I don't know about the rest.