b series turbo kit

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garett turbo
spearco fmic
vortec fmu
all piping
blitz bov
oil lines
12mm stainless steel exhaust flange
tial wg with .45 bar

compelte kit with everything

make offer


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1200.00....nah...i won't sell it for that much.

thanks for your offer though.

yeah...i like the way those headers look also.


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that manifold actually holds up pretty well for an ebay manifold, I'm using the same one until I get my tax return then I'll change over to a full race turbo manifold.


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you still have the turbo manifold for sale... let me know how much you want for it including shipping.. thanks.


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still got this turbo kit for sale.

looking for more than 1200 though for the complete kit.

don't really want to part it out.


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yeah...depends...what all you got for trade?

the sale is pending right now, but the buyer can always flake.

let me know what you got.

4-1 header
obd1 ecu...gsr ecu
gsr obd1 wiring harness
maybe a zex or nx kit....depends on how much cash will be offered with the kit if i will be able to do that.

need to sell the kit to go vtec :D
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