B-series Valve Covers

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Will a VTEC Valve Cover fit a non-VTEC B-series motor??? just thought i'd ask because those non-vtec valve covers are pretty damn ugly.


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depends if it is DOHC or SOHC. I would watch out, your delving into the realms of rice. You may just want to consider doing a buff polish on your valve cover, or just smashing the piggy bank and doing a dohc vtec swap :D


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One thing that looks pretty cool (dont know how long it would stay looking nice) but soaking the valve cover in some powerful paint stripper/thinner to remove all the paint and just leave the metal underneath it. There are some pics of this in the anything goes thing.


I'm just about that action Boss.
On my car you can see where I took a die grinder with a good sanding bit on it after I soaked it in a thinner. I think it looks better then the stock black powder coat.


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i'm not planning on doing it, i have a single cam motor anyways. I was just curious. Just a very stupid random thought. :D thanx guys


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As B said,No they don't work together.



As you can see the holes are in completely different spots.


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What holes are you talkin bout bro? They look like they're in the same spots to me, I've heard they aren't interchangeable, but I've never tried.
My bad, under further review, I see what your sayin, plus theres that extra bolt by the timing belt.
What you would have to do if you did have a non vtec motor is just put a b series head on.