B13 Sentra???

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I might be looking at trading the Q straight up for a '93 Sentra E-trim coupe, depending on condition.

Pros: 5-speed, 20k less miles, 15 more mpg, uses cheaper gas, interior is excellent, exterior is good. E-trim (hella light)

Cons: Less room, less power, E-trim (no power options, a/c, all that). Would need wheels and tires because I refuse to roll on steelies. :p

Hit me with opinions and recommendations, I'm gonna be looking into it soon.

Note to Mods: I put this here knowingly because the lounge gets way more traffic than the other vehicles section.
avoiding the "other cars" forums = bad.

Sentras suck. Yes they do, don't even dare to counter-argue. If you're going to get the SE-R driveline and suspension, then look no further than the NX2000.

-> Steve
I don't AVOID the other vehicles forum, it just doesn't get a lot of traffic and I was looking to get responses quickly.

I know that a straight-across trade sucks, but it seems like it's the quickest and easiest way to get out of this car. And Steve, if you say "ebay" I'll pop ya. :p

And forget about the NX2000. It's even uglier than the Sentra, with much less room. I was fine with the RX7 because at least it looked good.
Originally posted by TurboMirage@Aug 8 2005, 01:21 PM
sentras suck. especially the E's. like steve said, get an NX2000, or atleast an SE-R.
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See, you're all going at it from a performance standpoint. Bottom line is, it's not a bad looking car, and it's gonna be economical. I don't CARE how well it handles, I don't CARE how fast it is.

SE-R = rare, $$$
NX2000 = uncommon, ugly, $$$

The E-trim will be cheap to get into, and cheap to drive. Believe me, I'd LOVE a B13 SE-R, but even if I could find one, the hell if I could afford it.


Get a 2nd gen Rx-7 with a rebuild b13.


Just my $.02
I was looking at an '85 RX7 with a rebuilt 13b. I could probably pick it up for under 2 grand, but I can't come up with that kind of money unless I sell the car, which is proving to be rather difficult even at an extremely low asking price.
Well, tell me how the 90 Civic works out. If it's a hatch, get it.

I owned the NX2000 SE-R and then had a chance to buy a $100 E-trim. You can not get anymore different than these two cars. And Sentras themselves (Without the NX body) are unstable and I can see rolling one.

90 Civic. The end. I have a nice head for it, and my old intake (Which was pretty nice, shame I live on a dirt road). Hell, depending on how far you wanna go, my Minime project is put on hold. You're welcome to what I have.
Yeah, I was obviously delusional. I should have said "what do you think from a daily driver/winter beater economy car point of view?"

I guess I either need to stop asking or be more specific. I'm sure you people are tired of me by now anyway. :)
OH then yeah. Just keep in mind that like I tell you in IM all the time - You simply can't FIND a reasonably priced car out there. Sorry. You'll have to travel to get a good deal.

The Sentra e-trim should not cost you more than $600 for a good shape one, one that you won't be bent about it getting dented or spun off into a snow bank.

If you want a car for the long haul though, Forget about the Sentra. It's a Honda World, baby, get on or get off.
E trim should suit you well enough for just a beater.

NX2000 is a nifty car though, and though i wasnt fond of their looks at first when we got ours i found out two things:
1. You cant see the exterior while your sitting inside of it
2. Its such a fun car to drive I ended up not really caring.
Of course, its looks have grown on me over the few years we've had it. Its a shame we're having to think about selling it (five cars is just about too many).
Yeah, but I have to face walking outside and getting in it 5 mornings a week. I just don't know. Plus I have this nasty habit of wondering what people think of me based on the car I drive. It's the ricer in me.
Shit. The '90 Civic is gone already. Motherfucker.

Looks like I'll have to tough it out till I can afford that RX7 or something better comes along.