b16 build up


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This weekend i got an offer i couldnt refuse 1500 for a b16a1 full swap except for axles. So my question is how much of a hp increase will i see if i put in itr(2000) cams with ctr pistons? With this setup what parts do you think should be changed and will i have to run a different ecu then the one i have?
hp increase really depends on what other mods you have and the condition of your motor.

reccomend with those pistons you get total seal rings : just good safety because of the higher compression. you would benefit from doing springs and retainers to be able to safely rev higher to extract maximum power from those cams, and in that case a programmed ecu would be good to change your redline and get some better fuel maps (or by what ever other means) but you would be fine with no head work and your swap ecu. :D