b16 building

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Planning on getting a 94 sol with about 2k to spend. What would you do for max hp?
2k isn't enough to go turbo
but its a pretty good start for an na build.

BUT figure out what you want to do with the car before you spend money on anything... cuz na is backwards building if you plan to go turbo later.
I doubt i'll go turbo for a long time. I want a car that's for the 1/8th mile but deffinately not a drag car. A good daily driver. handeling is also something i dont want to saccrafice but dont really want to build up.
a long time, or ever? cuz if you EVER do- you are going to waste a shit load of money trying to make it go fast na.

handelings is really not effected with a b-series swap
Hey guys big news looks like i may be running into some cash. Looks like i get 9 grand to spend total. I was thinking i could find a cheap old del sol si like a 93 that has something terminally wrong with the engine and do a jdm engine swap. The b18c5 is supposed to rock right? How much for the entire swap, tranny, and all?
theres no such thing as a JDM B18C5 ... its a B18C/R or B18C spec R ;) .... but anyway plan on spending in the area of 4500 - 5500 for that swap
doh! b18c spec r is what i ment! anyway thanks for the advice guys, now my last question, where is a good place to find a nice jdm b18c spec r
got mine from hondamotorsonline.com ... installing it this winter ... it tested and looks great though
if you're going to boost it, dont buy an ITR. if you want a crazy n/a build. buy an ITR. building a b16 del sol na was a waste of a lot of money for me. i'm now waiting on an ls block.