B16 Cam timing


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I was wondering what most people have found as far as a good cam timing for a b16 with stock internals. Ive always heard +2 -2. I was reading this article on sports compacts car website:
and it says that the intake advanced 3 degrees was the really only thing that helped the engine.
let me know what yall think.


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With stock everything, there really is almost no point.

Also, for one engine, advancing the intake cam x and retarding the exhaust y degrees will not effect even another b16 or GSR, ect the same way because 2 identical motors will behave diffrently. If you are going to run non stock timing, do it the right way. Either do it on a dyno (pricy) or do trial and error with the butt dyno. Using tuning from other cars is pointless.

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On a smaller cam, say B16A, advancing the cam should almost always show benifit because your effectively allowing more breathing. Its kind of like adding more duration.