b16 drives in neutral gear?

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scottie fizzle
so i just installed a hasport linkage on my 91 ef b16 swap and a b&m short shifter. well the damnedest thing happens. when it should be in neutral its still in gear. all the gears are fine but when i shift into reverse then the speedo stops as it should when its in neutral. i have the car on jackstands with no axles/tires installed yet. i was just goin thru the gears and was like wtf? wheres neutral? help! is it possible the linkage is on upside down or something?
It's just friction. Normal. If you can get someone else to hold the other wheel; you should be able to keep it from spinning by hand(or you can play around and go back and forth trying to stop the wheel from spinning).
mine spins in neutral too but only when its not on the ground

thats what i thought too...but while in neutral if i rev the motor the speedo keeps climbing and if its in reverse the speedo doesnt move at all even when i rev the motor so im confused
I have no useful advice on the subject whatsoever, but that sounds really messed up and almost makes me laugh as long as it doesn't cause serious problems for you, in which case it isn't funny.