B16 in EG, iacv problem

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I have a 94 civic VX and I did a b-series swap into it.. I used a 94 GSR engine harness and plugged it up to my stock 94 civic vx main harness..

For some reason the iacv isnt working.. It worked fine on my other setup(89' crx) but not in this one.. I know the iacv works since I tested it.. Is there any special re-pinning I have to do or anything when using these 2 harnesses.. I am going to trace the wires back to the ecu to make sure they are correct but I just wanted to see if anyone knows off the top of their head what the problem might be..
Originally posted by tgreaves@Aug 10 2005, 08:41 AM
I got it fixed.. The damn iacv plug was hidden underneath the intake manifold..
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Plug it in, Plug it in! :doh: