b16 machining


yo i bought a b16 from jspecautosports, cracked it open and my cylinders are out of round and also tapered. so i need to bore it out n i was wondering how much can io take off without runnin into problems? im plannin on runnin ctr high compression slugs, and itll be n/a. n how much do u think that will cost me to get it bored out and also to get the pistons, everything total together. any help is appreciated, thank u.


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ive heard 20 over is a good bore, dont think its max but someone told me it should take careof problems and its safe to avoid problems, but im not a rebuild expert so, dunno


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Ask a good machine shop- there's no way someone online who's never seen your block, let alone measured the damage can tell you how much you need to bore the block to clean things up.


yo calesta i wasnt asking how much to bore it out to take care of my problems cuz i have measured my block and i know my problems, i was asking what is the most u can bore it out without weakening the already weak cylinder walls of the open deck block